:  gPhoto Slimshot Driver

I've not worked on this for some time. Left up for interests sake.

Current Developments


I'm in the middle of knocking together a gPhoto driver for the Fuji @xia Slimshot (which is a rebadged SMaL Ultrapocket), so that it can be used under Linux

Due to new job, not made a vast amount of progress, but have been doing some updates as and when people have problems... feel free to mail if that's the case.


The camera communications, and basic functionality (get image count, details, get image, delete single image, delete all images) are done. It's still a bit primitive for gPhoto CVS, hence this page.
Yet to do:
  • Battery status
  • Change QVGA<-->VGA mode
  • Firmware information
  • Lots (and lots) of post processing
  • Sort out proper naming for Logitech Ultrapocket saved files. Dammit, I need an ultrapocket, I guess ;)


Get the driver from gphoto CVS at sourceforge. It's in the latest release version of gphoto2, but I can't guarantee the up-to-date-ness of it...

Protocols, Specifications

Coming. I've got some protocol info I've figured out for the camera, but it's not tidy (readable ;) ATM.


The thing that's bugging me ATM is the post-processing. The camera returns a RAW image with a bunch of extra data, which I guess are parameters for post processing. The RAW image as returned is very inferior to the output of the supplied windows utility.
The driver does no processing ATM (except PPM conversion) - enable DO_GAMMA in ultrapocket.h if you want some simple gamma correction.

A Fuji @xia Slimshot

Lee Benfield - 2003
Images (C) Fuji