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Seriously, development only. This will give your children diseases, crash your sheet, leak like hell and probably neuter the family dog.
(Last updated 07/04) Actually, I've lost the source for this, but it's still here for playing with..

Profile function mode VB at top level with eprof.xll & vbprof.xls. In an EMPTY excel session, (prior to using VB), load the addin. Use the sheet to see what's what.

This detours IDispatch, which allows us to intercept calls to VB from excel; we don't know what the function name is, but we can check the cell which called the function, and determine the name of the function from that. (or determine one of several it may have been...)

Example sheet using expensive VB - pand.xls


(Functional Model Development)

This is a framework I created at Barclays Capital. It's sufficiently novel that I gave a presentation on it at CUFP2009. Ordinarily I wouldn't publish work stuff here, but since it's on the public internet, it's nice to have a link. (embarassing video, in which I probably sound about twelve.)

Investigating the cost of dependencies

(More of a placeholder for the search engines) - A little look at some N^2 dependency discovery behaviour in Excel.

Some thoughts on the office clipboard

The office clipboard doesn't have an API, but we can add one.

Investigating the cost of registering huge amounts of functions

An analysis of the cost of registering large amounts of functions in Excel, and suggestions of how to work around costs.

Excel doesn't like negative zero....

Negative zero is a perfectly valid floating point number, but it can make excel hang.

365's spill performance

There are significant (embarassingly so) performance issues with Excel 365's spill restriction / intersection operator '@'.

Last updated 11/2020