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OleWoo - Yet another TLB viewer

Oleview's a very handy tool, but it's got some really annoying niggles (only 1 typelibrary open at once, no search, slow on large TLBs, yadda yadda) - OleWoo is my attempt at building something which drags oleview kicking and screaming into at least the late 1990s!

This might look familiar... (now hyperlinks take you to interface/type definitions...)

Using the 'find symbol' search box opens a list on the right, with all matching nodes of the TypeLibrary tree - click on one to navigate to it, and view the relevant IDL.
Click on the [>>>] to dismiss the list.
Of course, you can CTRL+F on the IDL viewer to search (It's infuriating that that's missing from OLEVIEW!)

Click 'Add new Tab' to open up another view on the typelibrary - useful when you need to flick back and forth between interfaces.

And, of course, you can open as many typelibraries as you want!

OleDump allows you to dump the IDL for a TLB directly from the command line - this is something I've occasionally wished for from OleView!

Download OleWoo

I consider this pretty much stable (and have moved on to other pet projects), which probably means it's got a tonne of annoying features. ;), but feel free to drop me a note if you've got a tlb that it doesn't play well with.

Minor rev - fixed shortcut keys on main form. (Ctrl+O, F1)

Minor rev - 1.0.3879.40701 - Added module dumping.

Minor rev - 1.0.3896.13252 - Added Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C handler for IDL, sort button, and shell extension

Minor rev - 1.0.3897.10945 - Better file filter.

Minor rev - 1.1.3905.20625 - Added interface hyperlinks, MRU.

Minor rev - 1.1.3910.15207 - Fixed bug whereby incorrect default interface was reported. (thanks bacar)

Minor rev - 1.1.3928.32522 - Allow dragging of files directly from explorer. (thanks greenek)

Minor rev - 1.2.4687.42006 - Fix property display for dispinterfaces, show source attribute (thanks yahzi)

NB: Icon "We Love Cows - Bull" by Archigraphs (Cyberella) used under CC NonCommercial licence.

Last updated 08/2011